Diaspora and Development

Enabling, Engaging and Empowering Diaspora for Development

Focus on Migration: Migration, Diaspora and Development

During the past years recognition of the linkages between migration and development is increasing. More insight has become available how migration affects development and vice versa. That this relationship is not negative, is among others shown by the positive role migrants play in both their country of residence and in their country of origin. Their participation contributes to technological development, economic activities and cultural enrichment. Many migrants remain strongly connected to their country of origin. They send money back home, but also transfer skills, startup businesses and share their experiences.
This issue of Focus on Migration provides some interesting examples of the engagement of the diaspora for development in their countries of origin through temporary return assignments, partnerships with institutions from both sides and other contributions. Attention is also given to the impact of this engagement on development efforts and how they make it sustainable in the longer term. Governments of countries of origin explain how to see the role of their diaspora and what they do to harness its potential. In this way, IOM hopes to contribute positively to the linkages between migration and development. (Martin Wyss, Chief of Mission IOM in the Netherlands)

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