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Mandasoldiacasa.it The first Italian website on remittances transfer

Remittances have been assuming an increasingly important role in the economies of numerous countries.  Although the overall effects of remittance  flows are not easily measurable,  and even if they  constitute   private  funds,  they  have  undoubtedly   a  positive  impact  in  terms  of  poverty reduction,  household  welfare and human development  of the receiving  country.
The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - General Directorate for Development Cooperation - supported  the  creation  of the  Italian  wesite  www.mandasoldiacasa.it in the  framework  of two projects: WMIDA - Migration Women for Development in Africa, and MIDLA - Migraci6n para el Desarrollo  en America Latina, implemented  by the International Organization for Migration and aimed  at  enhancing  migrants'  participation  in  the  development   of their  country  of  origin.  The website is designed  and mantained  by the Centre for International Political Studies (CeSPI) which fine-tuned the research methodology,  collected data and developed  the website in line with the World Bank guidelines.
The website was  set up in partnership  with Laboratorio Migrazione e Sviluppo, a network  of Italian civil society organizations  and NGOs.
The website compares services to send remittances from Italy to 14 migrants’ countries of origin, representing  the destination  of 73% of remittances  sent from Italy. The major  purpose  is to help migrant  choosing  the  best  way  to  send  money  home  by  offering  a comprehensive  view  of existing money transfer means; transparent  and clear information  also aims at stimulating  market competition  among MTOs and consequently  at lowering money transfer costs. The website   is  also  intended  to   improve   migrants'   financial  literacy  by  providing   useful information  on terms and main financial products offered to migrants. Finally, it includes a wide range of information  and documents  on Migration and Development and on initiatives linked to remittance channelling  for development.

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