Diaspora and Development

Enabling, Engaging and Empowering Diaspora for Development

Migration for Development: A Bottom-Up Approach (JMDI)

A Handbook for Practitioners and Policy Makers (2011)
This handbook is produced in the framework of the European Commission- United Nations Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI). It is a four-year, 15 million euro programme supporting small-scale organizations in their concrete efforts towards linking migration and development.
Funded by the European Union and implemented by UNDP, the programme represents a major innovation as far as inter-agency collaboration is concerned. Four other agencies - UNHCR, UNFPA, ILO and IOM - are also engaged in the management and direction of the programme and contribute their institutional knowledge, expertise and extensive networks to ensure its success.
This handbook adds to existing literature in the field of migration and development by introducing a specific focus on the role and contributions that can be brought by small scale projects. These are implemented by a range of organizations from civil society, the public and the private sector, including NGOs, migrant organizations, grassroots organizations, local authorities, universities, research and training institutes, micro-finance institutions, employer associations, trade unions, etc.

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